About Us

Since 1973, Wexford Labs has been committed to engineering sophisticated antimicrobial solutions that deliver confident protection against pathogens—while also helping to protect cleaning teams, the users of facilities and the environment. 

Originally focused on addressing a need for safer disinfectants in healthcare environments, Wexford now formulates and manufactures broad-spectrum antimicrobial solutions for healthcare facilities, dental offices, hospitality and food service businesses, educational institutions and public service agencies, pharmaceutical facilities, agricultural businesses and more.

As we continue to innovate, Wexford Labs remains committed to innovation, creating smarter, safer and more efficient ways for our customers to maintain healthy and safe environments.

Delivering Cleaner Surfaces—
and Healthier Environments

Our antimicrobial products—including concentrates, ready-to-use solutions and disinfecting wipes—deliver high efficacy against a wide range of pathogens. Wexford products are engineered to meet the lowest EPA toxicity standards—requiring no PPE or health warnings, and safe for use on every surface.

Learn more about the science behind our clean.

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